Chalk Paint by Old Town Paints

Old Town Paint at Sell It Again Sam Anderson IN 46013Chalk Paint by Old Town Paints at Sell It Again, Sam!

Old Town Paints offers two collections of Chalk Style Finish Paint in over seventy five colors to choose from. Custom colors can be created by mixing any of our paints. The color combinations possibilities are endless!

Old Town Paints has many types of products to help you create great looking furniture and other pieces of decorative art etc. to make your home or office show your style! The Old Town Paints products are listed here:

Chalk Style Finish Paints

Old Town Paint at Sell It Again Sam Anderson IN 46013Chalk Paints, including Shabby Chic Chalk Style Finish and Old Town Paint Chalk Style Finish Paint. This Chalk Style Finish Paint has the benefit of being very easy to use. This chalk paint has a silky, soft, matte finish that is a great base to absorb our high grade Finishing Products. This helps provide you maximum protection and durability that is easy to apply. These paints and finishes can be can be used in a variety of ways including as a wash, dye, smooth paint, or it can be applied in a thick method to create texture. This paint and finish have the added benefits of not needing the surface to be primed or prepared prior to painting as it adheres to nearly all surfaces. Old Town Paint has the largest assortment of colors in the industry to choose from. These two lines are offered in 80 different colors with numerous finishing product options to give you a very wide range of choices to meet every need. These products are also all made in the U.S.A. All of Old Town Paint’s Chalk Style Finish Paints are Non-Toxic, No VOC’s, No Polymers, Eco Friendly, Solvent Free Paint, No Acrylic, No Latex, No Fungicide, Formaldehyde Free, APEO Free.

GlazesOld Town Paint at Sell It Again Sam Anderson IN 46013

Old Town Paints’ Glazes add the Finishing Touch to any project. With five different Glazes to choose from, including a clear, that can be tinted with any color of our paints, you are sure to get that perfect look.

Clear Finishes

When your work will be exposed to water or be in a high wear area we suggest using one of our Clear Finishes. Old Town Paints Clear Finishes are a crystal clear, fast drying, durable protective topcoat. Our Clear Finishes are specifically formulated with a UV protectant that works great for your outside projects and won’t yellow over time.


Old Town Paint at Sell It Again Sam Anderson IN 46013Old Town Paints Waxes have a wonderfully natural feel that will protect and seal your project. Our waxes come in four different colors.

Metallic Waxes

Old Town Paints has added to the product line 6 Metallic Waxes to enhance your work with the perfect shine and sparkle finish. These are the only NON-TOXIC & ODORLESS Metallic Wax Finishes you can get. These metallic waxes can be applied easily over a variety of surfaces and over any of the Chalk Style Finish colors with a brush or a cloth and buffed to a beautiful shine. These also work great for creating faux finishes.

Metallic Dusts

Old Town Paints Metallic Dust will give your piece a very vibrant sparkle.Old Town Paint at Sell It Again Sam Anderson IN 46013


Old Town Paints Stain applies easily and penetrates for a beautiful, rich, uniform color. These stains are perfect on many surfaces including wood, metal, fiberglass & Chalk Style Finish painted work. It’s Core/ Shell drying technology provides the deep tones you would get with an oil based stain, but with the low odor, fast drying and easy clean up of a water based stain.



Old Town Paint at Sell It Again Sam Anderson IN 46013