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Look Adult Dating Anyone want to shoot pool and have a few beers tonight

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Anyone want to shoot pool and have a few beers tonight

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So this happened to me this past Sunday night, and after I took some time to let tnight sink in, I felt the need to share my experience: I was with a group of friends heading out to shoot some pool and have a few beers at Rapture, where we normally go to play pool.

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It was kind of chilly and pouring outside, and a Sunday night, and there was only one man sitting at the bar when we got. I go straight to the same spot, at the same bar that I always do, order the same drink I always get there, and paid to get the balls that we use on the same table, every time we go.

Me and my friends start playing a game, half of us are at the table, half are standing at the bar. Towards the anyond of the game I was getting my butt kickedI noticed a woman walking around the bar area.

I had never seen her before, but could tell by the way she was acting that she must be a new employee. I noticed the bartender print off a tab and hand it to her, and then she started walking towards me.

So I take my tab, finish my drink and walk over to my friends to tell them that I was leaving. They wanted to know why, of course, so I calmly explained the situation to.

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So instead feww just me leaving, the entire group of us plus the one man who was already sitting at the bar closed our tabs, and left. In case you are wondering what the customer to employee ratio the bar had when we left, it was 3: Not a great night for the bartender.

Line cooks, not so. My group of friends are all industry people, we tip. Your job is to make sure you retain customers, and make a profit. You just lost at least 10 regulars, people who have been going to Rapture for years.

People who tell their friends about what happened to me. Not retaining customers, and not making a profit. Let me explain why 3 is so important.

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By this point of my rant, you could probably gather that Andrew here lied to you. And you tonighr be asking yourself, now why would an employee lie to his manager, and lose a large amount of business for his boss?

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Not to mention screwing the bartender on a lot of tip money, money he would probably enjoy having so he can pay his bills? While dating her, I understood why. He harassed us more than I thought was humanly possible.

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She told me the stories of the domestic abuse, emotional abuse, severe alcoholism, and excessive drug use. It eventually got so bad with him, that we had restraining orders, protective orders, and no trespass orders out against. I had to testify against him in a courtroom.

One of the reasons for his psychotic behavior, was because I was dating his ex. The other, was because I was also helping to raise their young child.

Eventually me and my ex stopped dating. Months went by, and I imagined that since we both lived in the same town, eventually Andrew and I would run into one. So why then, months later, would Andrew go out of his way to lose the company he works for so much business?

I guess it was just a slow night. By the way, we went across the street to Citizen and had a great time, ordered drinks, and food, and the server got a pretty fat tip!

Eli Cook. DJ Lady Syren. Ragin' Randy Entertainment.

Dreama Belle. Shout out to my friends that stuck by me and had my back!

Buffalo Billiards is the place to meet people, drink beer at great prices, and play some pool, Today, the Missouri House holds a new name: Buffalo Billiards. with a modern twist, from dueling pool sharks, shoot outs at the dart boards, or some good old rowdy fun. Hi everyone, we will be closed today for a private event. TrickShot: Went to relax, have a drink and shoot some pool - See Open today: AM - AM Unfiltered beer read more Then my friend asked if someone could come and take our order and that we have been waiting for 30 If you had the time to read this review and still want to go here, at least now you . A pair of fellas were shooting pool. The Valley Kid Anybody can play, like the unemployed plumber who likes to drink vodka out of a beer mug; or/ Curly top Brenda, with her void of makeup, looking like a used Kleenex. so he was welcomed by all the riffraff; even the ladies liked to buy some cosmetics from him. He was.